The Heart and Soul of The Creative Mind

Why do bloggers write?  Why do we spend hours looking up every detail of a project, doing hands-on research, and then pouring our hearts out to nameless, faceless, unknown readers online?

Why do we put so much effort into something we do for next to nothing (or free)?

Because we love to.  Because it's what we want to do.  Because it's important to us.

I came across an article by another blogger today that broke my heart for the blogger who wrote it.

So I'm going to be very clear about the rules for reading my blog.  The list is short:

  1. This is my space and I'll write about what I want to write about.  Yes, it's themed, and I'll try to keep to that theme, but on my own terms.  Nobody else will dictate that for me.
  2. Don't like it?  Don't read it.

I write about learning to do things the old-fashioned way because I love it and I'm learning to be braver, and maybe someone else who reads about it will become braver because I was.  

The end.

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