Be Your Own Valentine

Today's guest post has a very different twist to our Valentine theme, but still carries a strong message about self-sufficiency:  Being independent and brave enough to venture into unknown territory also means having a heart strong enough to carry us through the rougher times.  Genevieve West is a friend of mine with a sincere and open heart, and one of the most refreshingly (and blatantly) honest people I know.  You can find her at her website and follow her on Twitter or her Facebook page for great relationship advice.

Valentine's Day seems to be a controversial holiday, particularly among singles. Instead of sticking your head in the sand and pretending like the day isn't coming and then panicking and crying into your pint of chunky monkey, decide to make this day awesome. Being single doesn't have to ruin your Valentine's Day!

Most importantly, you need to plan ahead. Here are some ideas on how to do just that:

·         Know what you're eating so you don't have to order take out from a restaurant watching couples on Valentine's Dates, or go to the grocery store with all the men shopping last minute for flowers and chocolates.

·         Decide not to be bitter or bitchy just because other people are enjoying the made up holiday, or pity you and your singleness.

·         Think about someone other than yourself, like the widow who's Valentine died, or a relative who's spending their first Valentine's Day as a "divorcee," and do something kind for them.

·         Volunteer to babysit your married friend's rugrats so they can spend the babysitting money at the ridiculously expensive movie theater.

·         Invite all your Valentine's Day hating single friends over for an Anti-Valentine's Day party, or a prohibition-themed St. Valentine's Day Massacre Party, complete with a Speak Easy and Great Gatsby costumes.

·         Get that mani-pedi you've been talking yourself out of. Or go all out and get an entire spa package!

·         You have permission to binge eat and sulk... but don't do it alone! Call all your other single friends, coworkers, and acquaintances and host a slumber party!

·         Shed the sweat pants and turn off Netflix! Grab a friend or go stag to a singles mixer, speed dating event, or singles cruise.

·         Don the sweat pants, turn on Netflix, and have a date with your favorite celebrity crush, watching everything they've ever been in.

·         Start a Secret Admirer Gift Exchange with your friends or co-workers where you draw names and be that person's Secret Cupid, leaving little gifts them.

Valentine's Day is just another day. And just like every other day, it is what you make of it. So go make it awesome!

Genevieve West is a wine-drinking, coffee-chugging, domestically-challenged, Relationship and Dating Consultant, author, wife, and homeschool mom, saved by grace. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their three children. 

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  1. I especially like the idea about a Secret Admirer Gift Exchange. ;-)
    - Kay, #ATS