Little Valentines

Of all the gifts we receive in our lives, a handmade gift from a little one is without a doubt the most special gift of all.  Children are creative without the internal limits and fears we impose upon ourselves as we grow into adulthood.

Children don't worry about their craft when they're making it.  Their only concern is how creative they can be with it, and how happy they're sure you'll be with it.

They'll concentrate happily for sometimes hours on a single project, getting every detail the fathoms of their minds can possibly come up with.    They pour out their feelings into their creations.

It's sort of bittersweet, how self-critical we become as grown-ups, so certain of our own failure that we often sabotage our own success before it's even had a chance. 

But what if we let go?

What if we tried reliving those feelings of carefree bliss in creativity and trying something new?  What if we were brave?

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