Easy Felt Valentine Hearts

Today's guest post from Lynn at Not Drinking Coffee is a fantastic, flexible, and fun project you can do with your kids.  Lynn has put together a great step-by-step tutorial, along with a helpful video to get you started.

Easy Felt Valentine Hearts

Share your heart with those you love. This is an easy and fun project that doesn’t cost a lot.

For younger children, you can do this project with construction paper, glue, and markers/paint.

What You Need:
·         1 piece of felt – red, pink, or white
·         Coordinating DMC thread
·         Needle
·         Scissors
·         Ribbon or cord (optional)
·         Poly-fil or potpourri (optional)

Step 1:
Pick out your colors for the felt and thread.

For Valentine’s, I’d suggest red felt with white thread, pink felt with purple or red thread, or white felt with red or purple thread.

Step 2:
On your chosen color of felt (or construction paper), cut out 2 hearts, approximately 3” x 3”.  (One sheet of felt should be able to make 4 hearts.)

I simply hand drew my heart using chalk.  However, google “heart cut-out” and search for the images and you’ll pull up tons of printable templates.

Step 3:
Using your chosen thread color, cut a length about 10"-12" long.

DMC thread has 6 strands. Separate out 2 strands from the length you just cut. Take those 2 strands and thread your needle.

Sew ‘LOVE’ onto 1 of the hearts. (Or stitch the word of your choosing.)

The stitch I used is a simple backstitch.

Step 4:
Line up the 2 hearts. Use another 2 strands of DMC thread and begin sewing around the edge.

I used a blanket stitch because I think it has a nice finish look to it. But you can use a backstitch, overcast stitch, running stitch, catch stitch, or whatever stitch you want.

For instructions on the blanket stitch, check out this video by Gulf Coast Cottage, who does a fabulous job explaining the stitch:

Step 5 (Optional):
You can do either, both, or neither of these options:

First, leave at least a 2” opening around the second hump.

Option 1: Attach an 8” length of ribbon or cord to the top.

Option 2: Stuff with poly-fil or potpourri.

I chose to fill mine with poly-fil. And I spritzed it with a lavender spray.

And voilá:

 Happy Valentine’s Day from Not Drinking Coffee

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