14 Days of Homemade Love

Valentine's Day means different things to different people.  

Commercially, the holiday is mainly focused on those with significant others in their lives.  For those of us who aren't married or wading through the dating pool, all the focus on the lovey-dovey crap can get more than a little annoying.  

I love holidays, and will find any excuse to celebrate.  Why stop at stockings at Christmas, or baskets on Easter?  Cupid leaves my kids treats on Valentine's Day, and a leprechaun visits on St. Patrick's Day.  

Being single doesn't stop me from loving Valentine's Day, either.  I love putting together unique and creative ideas to celebrate with my children.  This year, I'm asking for some creative ideas from you, and I've got some fun guest post submissions scheduled already.  I'd love to hear about yours, too!

The title picture is another fun and easy project.  All we did was use a mandolin to slice up some citrus and small pears (the pears are from a tree our back yard), dehydrated them, sprinkled them with spices, and put it all into canning jars with a cinnamon stick.  We covered the tops with some scraps of lace we had left over.  

As simple as it was to do, the kids really enjoyed everything from the messiness of organizing the sliced fruit into the dehydrator trays to arranging the dried pieces just right in the jars.  The finished project made cute additions to gift baskets, too.

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