Natural Deodorant Recipe Review

This week I decided to forgo store-bought deodorant and try making a natural version.  Store-bought deodorants are loaded with unhealthy additives. It's just bad news. But since nobody wants to stink, what do you do?  I did some research and found a recipe using coconut oil, which is one of my favorite things, anyway.  The recipe calls for three ingredients total, but you can add essential oils according to personal preference.

The deodorant is a mix of arrowroot powder, baking soda, and the coconut oil. I didn't use an essential oil our any other scent.  Mine didn't really solidify, so I might have used a bit too much coconut oil.  The oil soaks right into your skin, though, so it's not really a problem.  UPDATE:  After a couple of days, it has solidified and is pretty firm.  I can get it out of the jar, but it would be very likely to work well in an old deodorant tube, if you wish.  I'm sticking with the glass jars, because, um ... plastic.

I put my arrowroot powder into canning jars.
I put my mixture into a pint canning jar and have used it for two days. Nobody at the office passed out, so that's a good sign. I told my coworker what I'd done and she said she really only smelled a faint scent of coconut, but said she knows I moisturize with it, anyway.

My little jar of homemade natural deodorant.

The verdict?  It's natural, it's safe, and it's inexpensive.  So far it works pretty well and I plan to continue with it.  Here's a list of other alternatives to store-bought deodorant.  The lemon one sounds interesting, and I'm wondering if it would work when blended with this recipe.

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