My New Favorite Face Powder

As I've said before, I've got horribly sensitive skin. When I saw this recipe, which calls for colorants like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cocoa powder, I thought, "Are you nuts?" My next thought was that I'd smell like a bakery, but I decided that's not so bad.  I've been a big fan of mineral makeup for years, but that stuff is expensive and I'm finding out some of the additives aren't that great.

On Monday I decided to try pure cornstarch. While my face wasn't as shiny as going powderless, I did notice a couple of pimples had appeared.  Upon further research I found that cornstarch can clog pores. Bingo. Additionally, there's the GMO issue.

I looked around for some easy natural face powder recipes and came across arrowroot powder as a base ingredient. Since it's also got medicinal uses, I went out and scored some at the supermarket (baking supplies aisle) for just under seven dollars for a twenty ounce bag.

Since the recipe calls for only a few tablespoons per batch, that's a great deal.  I added cinnamon and nutmeg as colorants, but remember this is not going to be a full-coverage powder. This is more for anti-shine purposes.

Normally I wear sheer foundation along with eyeshadow, bronzer, and mascara. This week I went with strictly the natural powder and mascara. Simple and clean.

Mind you, I use coconut oil as a moisturizer and layer the powder over it.  When I asked my coworker/friend what she thought if the change, she said she actually hadn't noticed a difference between this and my normal makeup.  She's a pretty observant person.  This says two things:  YAY for looking natural in full makeup, but also, what the heck was I buying all that stuff for?

The end result of the experiment?  My oily-skinned face remained shine free throughout the day and I didn't notice any negative side effects.  Here's the kicker:  Those zits from the cornstarch? Both completely gone by the very first workday's end after they'd appeared. No sign they were ever there.  That's enough proof for me!

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