GF Isn't an Acronym for Bad Words

I've been mostly gluten free for the past two weeks.  I say mostly because I sort of cheated.


Ok.  Fine.  Technically three times.

The first time was this past Tuesday.  The kids wanted pizza night and I'd had a long day.  Not wanting to really cook, I got a couple of those cheap frozen pizzas.  The really cheap ones. The ones that taste more like the cardboard disk underneath then than the picture under the plastic wrap suggests.

Later that evening and through the next morning I had a migraine, along with inflammation and cramping in my legs and feet.  On Wednesday, since I had forgotten to prepare anything for that day's lunch and was in a hurry, I grabbed some of the leftover pizza, although I knew what might happen.  It did.  The migraine continued through the day and evening.  I could barely see.  Light hurt.

Did I learn my lesson?

Temptation is an ugly monster, my friends.  Ugly.

On Thursday a wonderful woman who works with our office brought doughnuts.  Among them was my favorite, a huge Boston cream.  My co-worker reminded me of the new eating style I'd adopted.

Are you kidding me?

I grabbed that doughnut and scarfed it down like it was going out of style.  Don't judge me.

Later that evening my feet were purple and hurt like the dickens.  Cursed temptation.  I mean really.

Tonight I'd had enough and decided to be good.

Tonight I made a wonderful Chicken Chickpea Pesto Salad, along with some fun Cheesy Baked Vidalia Dip that we had with gluten free tortilla chips.

Will I cheat again?

Be serious.  At least about a week a month.

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